About Us

Hi! We are husband and wife, Tyson and Christina Curry.  We met in 2014 which is also the same year Tyson started in the graphics industry. After gaining a newfound passion for graphics and it’s diversity, and getting several years of experience under his belt, Tyson decided to build his own company with his wife.

What was first only Tyson traveling and installing wall graphics and vehicle wraps for companies all over DFW and across several states, quickly blossomed with the addition of bigger dreams and bigger machines. Christina eventually began designing and manufacturing t-shirts and home decor for friends, family, and customers. 

Our passion for creating did not stop there and together we have built Zolik Ink. We hope to continue to follow our dreams and one day have our very own store front. For now, we’re staying busy with our 5 beautiful children and inspiring them to chase their dreams as well and to always work hard. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!